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08 April 2007 @ 10:41 pm
Random acts of kindness FTW.  
Now I know how santa clause feels. I feel like a million dollars right now. For real.


Because I just gave away a skateboard and a half worth of parts.

So, today, I was really feeling kinda meh. You know the feeling. Bored, mopey, and just in the mood to think for a while.

I was out tonight just to get some air/some work done. I was on campus, walking around, talking to Charlsie Cat on the phone. Mrow.

Then I went up at us play becase I had a card I hadn’t used. I played Time crisis 4 by myself. I got to stage 2 before dying. Pretty good.

I left. Went to mountasia. Walked around, talking to Jordan and Kellie on the phone. Left to go to QT to get gas.

Then I went up to Acworth. I don’t know why. I just felt like it. I’ve been craving really crappy McDonalds food for over a week, so I went to the one off exit 278. the reconstructed one. By Sonic and Publix. I went in.

it was madness. Pretty big rush for 9:30 PM on easter sunday.

There were about six or seven skater kids waiting for their food. They all looked no older than middle school. One guy could have been a freshman. They were about to be screwed by an idiot attendant who lost their receipt and was yelling at them, saying they were trying to steal food. I was about to step in when someone with brains who worked there asked them what they had. Lo and behold, it was on the screens. They got their food.

I went to order my food. The food I’m eating now. A hamburger, mc-chicken, and big mac. I got it to go. When I got my food, I suddenly started to feel really generous. See, I have a metric crap-ton of skateboard parts in my civic’s trunk. I’ll probably never use these parts again. I have a whole complete set-up, pretty much new. I had so many excess parts, I might as well give them all away.

And I saw all their gear. Pretty haggard. Overused. Parents definitely wouldn’t buy them anything new for a while. It was definitely one of those moments when God taps you on the shoulder and says, “go for it.” I definitely knew what to do.

So halfway out the door, I turn around and go to their table and ask “do any of you guys need any new trucks? Wheels? Bearings?”

They all lit up. They looked at what I was wearing (green element hobo hoodie/jacket, orange and yellow polo, skater-ish jeans, és shoes, and my Mars Ill hat) and instantly thought I was sponsored. I laughed at that notion.

So we all went out to my car, them all of them arguing over my stuff, and still thinking I was a pro or something. I opened my trunk.

I gave away two sets of wheels, one set of bearings, a deck, and a pair of trucks. My prized, self-custom-painted yellow and black grind king AXL’s. those were my ride for four years, but I knew they’d use them well.

I drove away from the mcdonalds feeling like I was floating on clouds. I still feel that way now, eating and typing on the gazebo by the waters of Acworth Lake. It’s cold. But I feel awesome. And I thank God for giving me such a chance to, as a complete stranger, bless some kids.

It’s been a good evening.

Random Acts of Kindness ForTheWin.
charlsie____insatiable on April 9th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
you fucking cheeseball. i love you so much.
mrow, morw cat. so drunk all the time.
missj53missj53 on April 20th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
that is so awesome adeolu! way to go :)