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04 March 2007 @ 10:13 pm
The Show.  
That was absolutely AMAZING

Where do i begin?

Let's see...

This was the last stop on Disciple's "Scars Remain" tour.

Last stop. that means PRANKS.

Decypher Down came out first. The lead singer had long black Andrew WK hair. During their second song, FF5 STORMED the stage. Soul Glow sprayed about half a can of hair spray in the dude's hair, mid-chorus. it was amazing.

When FF5 came came on stage, Zara and I were as near the front as we could get. In the back of the huge pit in the front.

Then the lights went down. And the Super Mario Brothers theme song started playing. Through HUGE speakers.

It was THUMPING. You should have been there to hear it. The crowd went nuts.

And then the ticking turned into the ticking from "Replace Me." It was the first song in the set. And boy, did it rock.

Back to the pranks. After playing "Country Gentlemen," Soul Glow got on his jewel-encrusted silver hulk gloves.


the right one had a microphone in it. coolest thing ever. shiny, blingy, awesome. I want to make a pair.

Anyway, he wore it for a couple songs, Drama Queen, and such.

What he found out, though, was that Decypher Down had put Crisco in his hulk gloves. His hands were covered in it.

And then, LOVE ADDICT. wow. That was a performance to be remembered.

every song was just, amazing. the whole crowd was singing along, Especially during "Earthquake".

They had a bit of a breakdance party during "Numb", making a circle in the middle of the pit, crowded as it was.

And I now have the BIGGEST respect for Nadaddy. He should win an award for DJ with the best hair. And he was such a good DJ, too, mixing and keytarring while dancing. such amazingness.

The closiing song was "Supersonic." I got crunk. And i don't do that often.

Honestly, I think it was the best show I'd ever been to.

After that, Jason, Allison, Zara, and I left.

Oh yeah. Jason and Allison were there, too. But they weren't in the pit with us.

So we left, and didn't even bother staying for Disciple. According to Zara, they were just another Norma Jean rip-off, so whatever.

So yeah. great night, great show, great experience.

They'll be in town next in April.

April 6th at Six Flags.

It's a friday. EVERYONE should go then.