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22 January 2007 @ 01:30 am
just a brief, random post.  
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:12 AM): AAH
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:21 AM): i have two chinese finger traps
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:41 AM): and i put one on my index fingers and the other on the pinkys
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:46 AM): scary moment
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:53 AM): i was like trapped a second ago
garrett981 (1:26:33 AM): hahaha
garrett981 (1:26:49 AM): come on
garrett981 (1:26:59 AM): its like the simplest thing in the world
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:07 AM): but still
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:19 AM): having multiple fingers in there can be scary
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:36 AM): haha... that's what she said
garrett981 (1:27:38 AM): haha

haha.. too much time hanging around Jordan.

In other news, I ordered the album, "International Albums for the Human Race" by All Star United just now. I lost that CD, along with a CD player when it got taken up by a teacher in sixth grade.

I can't wait to get that disc back.

I got it from www.thejesusunderground.com. they've got a crapload of out-of-print CDs from the days of amazing, pre-mainstream christian music.

And it's also been a really good night.

that is all.
soccerloser101soccerloser101 on January 23rd, 2007 12:35 am (UTC)
Kid, you make me laugh. Thanks. (24 in T-minus 25 minutes!!! what will Jack do next!?)