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Adeolu Adebayo
04 May 2007 @ 03:31 am

That was me having a moviegasm.

Adeolu Adebayo
08 April 2007 @ 10:41 pm
Now I know how santa clause feels. I feel like a million dollars right now. For real.


Because I just gave away a skateboard and a half worth of parts.

So, today, I was really feeling kinda meh. You know the feeling. Bored, mopey, and just in the mood to think for a while.

I was out tonight just to get some air/some work done. I was on campus, walking around, talking to Charlsie Cat on the phone. Mrow.

Then I went up at us play becase I had a card I hadn’t used. I played Time crisis 4 by myself. I got to stage 2 before dying. Pretty good.

I left. Went to mountasia. Walked around, talking to Jordan and Kellie on the phone. Left to go to QT to get gas.

Then I went up to Acworth. I don’t know why. I just felt like it. I’ve been craving really crappy McDonalds food for over a week, so I went to the one off exit 278. the reconstructed one. By Sonic and Publix. I went in.

it was madness. Pretty big rush for 9:30 PM on easter sunday.

There were about six or seven skater kids waiting for their food. They all looked no older than middle school. One guy could have been a freshman. They were about to be screwed by an idiot attendant who lost their receipt and was yelling at them, saying they were trying to steal food. I was about to step in when someone with brains who worked there asked them what they had. Lo and behold, it was on the screens. They got their food.

I went to order my food. The food I’m eating now. A hamburger, mc-chicken, and big mac. I got it to go. When I got my food, I suddenly started to feel really generous. See, I have a metric crap-ton of skateboard parts in my civic’s trunk. I’ll probably never use these parts again. I have a whole complete set-up, pretty much new. I had so many excess parts, I might as well give them all away.

And I saw all their gear. Pretty haggard. Overused. Parents definitely wouldn’t buy them anything new for a while. It was definitely one of those moments when God taps you on the shoulder and says, “go for it.” I definitely knew what to do.

So halfway out the door, I turn around and go to their table and ask “do any of you guys need any new trucks? Wheels? Bearings?”

They all lit up. They looked at what I was wearing (green element hobo hoodie/jacket, orange and yellow polo, skater-ish jeans, és shoes, and my Mars Ill hat) and instantly thought I was sponsored. I laughed at that notion.

So we all went out to my car, them all of them arguing over my stuff, and still thinking I was a pro or something. I opened my trunk.

I gave away two sets of wheels, one set of bearings, a deck, and a pair of trucks. My prized, self-custom-painted yellow and black grind king AXL’s. those were my ride for four years, but I knew they’d use them well.

I drove away from the mcdonalds feeling like I was floating on clouds. I still feel that way now, eating and typing on the gazebo by the waters of Acworth Lake. It’s cold. But I feel awesome. And I thank God for giving me such a chance to, as a complete stranger, bless some kids.

It’s been a good evening.

Random Acts of Kindness ForTheWin.
Adeolu Adebayo
05 March 2007 @ 10:06 am
That's right. a full set of PLANETEER RINGS.

I plan on giving out four of these rings to friends.

so: who wants to be a planeteer? And which ones do you want?

I've always been a fan of Wheeler (he had the Fire ring) but since I want some continuity in this planeteer deal, I think I should be Earth.

So, yeah.

Let's be planeteers.
Adeolu Adebayo
05 March 2007 @ 09:43 am
Here's the checklist:
1: get a haircut

2: order new hard drive

3: install new hard drive

4: install Vista?

5: catch up on lab report writing

6: see FF5 live

7: start on research paper

8: back up all my files

9: go to Progressive Skatepark?
DONE...well, I skated a mini-ramp. It counts enough.

10: finish reading "Digital Fortress"

11: renew my passport

12: Open up an ING account

Anything else?
Adeolu Adebayo
04 March 2007 @ 10:13 pm
That was absolutely AMAZING

Where do i begin?

Let's see...

This was the last stop on Disciple's "Scars Remain" tour.

Last stop. that means PRANKS.

Decypher Down came out first. The lead singer had long black Andrew WK hair. During their second song, FF5 STORMED the stage. Soul Glow sprayed about half a can of hair spray in the dude's hair, mid-chorus. it was amazing.

When FF5 came came on stage, Zara and I were as near the front as we could get. In the back of the huge pit in the front.

Then the lights went down. And the Super Mario Brothers theme song started playing. Through HUGE speakers.

It was THUMPING. You should have been there to hear it. The crowd went nuts.

And then the ticking turned into the ticking from "Replace Me." It was the first song in the set. And boy, did it rock.

Back to the pranks. After playing "Country Gentlemen," Soul Glow got on his jewel-encrusted silver hulk gloves.


the right one had a microphone in it. coolest thing ever. shiny, blingy, awesome. I want to make a pair.

Anyway, he wore it for a couple songs, Drama Queen, and such.

What he found out, though, was that Decypher Down had put Crisco in his hulk gloves. His hands were covered in it.

And then, LOVE ADDICT. wow. That was a performance to be remembered.

every song was just, amazing. the whole crowd was singing along, Especially during "Earthquake".

They had a bit of a breakdance party during "Numb", making a circle in the middle of the pit, crowded as it was.

And I now have the BIGGEST respect for Nadaddy. He should win an award for DJ with the best hair. And he was such a good DJ, too, mixing and keytarring while dancing. such amazingness.

The closiing song was "Supersonic." I got crunk. And i don't do that often.

Honestly, I think it was the best show I'd ever been to.

After that, Jason, Allison, Zara, and I left.

Oh yeah. Jason and Allison were there, too. But they weren't in the pit with us.

So we left, and didn't even bother staying for Disciple. According to Zara, they were just another Norma Jean rip-off, so whatever.

So yeah. great night, great show, great experience.

They'll be in town next in April.

April 6th at Six Flags.

It's a friday. EVERYONE should go then.
Adeolu Adebayo
13 February 2007 @ 12:15 am
If you are playing a song in iTunes

And start editing two separate tracks in Adobe Audition

Your computer's sound card pitches a fit and freaks out.

you get a crazy blue screen of death for a split second (which is the sound card driver's way of screaming) and your system goes down faster than the towers on 911.

too soon? yeah, I think so, too.


so don't ask too much of you sound cards.be their friend, and they'll be yours.
Adeolu Adebayo
12 February 2007 @ 11:21 pm
March 4th

Mt. Paran Church of God.

FF5 is playing a show.

And i will be there.

Will you?

$12 in advance, 15 at the door.

official info:
Family Force 5

March, 4 2007 at Mt Paran Church of God
2055 Mt Paran Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30327
Cost : $12 adv/$10 group/$15 door

Scars Remain Tour with Disciple, Fireflight and Decyfer Down
Adeolu Adebayo
12 February 2007 @ 02:30 pm
My glasses broke today.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It sucks.

But i went to the optometrist today and I've got new ones being made right now.

But ,man... this is really weird.

I've had these glasses for 4 years.

they were my first pair of glasses.

It's almost like a breakup.

only a tiny bit less heartache.
Adeolu Adebayo
05 February 2007 @ 12:04 am
You wanna know why?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CANNED BAWLS! That's why!

Sure, a lot of the charm and luxury of a ribbed glass bottle are lost, but now, with the 16 ounce can, there's much more of T3h N3ct4r of t3h g0dz offered.

which is a good thing.

A very good thing.

Thus, I am a happy man.
Adeolu Adebayo
22 January 2007 @ 01:30 am
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:12 AM): AAH
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:21 AM): i have two chinese finger traps
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:41 AM): and i put one on my index fingers and the other on the pinkys
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:46 AM): scary moment
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:25:53 AM): i was like trapped a second ago
garrett981 (1:26:33 AM): hahaha
garrett981 (1:26:49 AM): come on
garrett981 (1:26:59 AM): its like the simplest thing in the world
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:07 AM): but still
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:19 AM): having multiple fingers in there can be scary
TheBlenderBoy88 (1:27:36 AM): haha... that's what she said
garrett981 (1:27:38 AM): haha

haha.. too much time hanging around Jordan.

In other news, I ordered the album, "International Albums for the Human Race" by All Star United just now. I lost that CD, along with a CD player when it got taken up by a teacher in sixth grade.

I can't wait to get that disc back.

I got it from www.thejesusunderground.com. they've got a crapload of out-of-print CDs from the days of amazing, pre-mainstream christian music.

And it's also been a really good night.

that is all.